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Based in the UK, Jack’s obsession with detail defines both his technique and choice of subject, inspiring a particular affinity for objects that reflect light in intriguing ways.

Jack photographs a reference image and uses this to painstakingly render a hyper-real drawing. Working in pencil, each artwork can take more than 100 hours to complete.

With such dedication to fidelity also comes a profound respect for longevity and preservation. Jack uses highly refined pencils that have been specifically created for the exceptional lightfastness and colour intensity demanded by fine art work, and thick, acid-free cotton paper. An exquisite tension exists between the fleeting reflections of a single moment and an artwork conceived to remain unchanged for centuries.

For all his astounding technical ability, Jack is entirely self-taught and has been refining his techniques from a young age.

Jack has been featured in the BBC, The Times, and Forbes.